Loss of losses.A girl’s car was stolen, inside of which was a beloved dog …

Agree, every dog owner is afraid of losing a pet. And if such a misfortune happens, a person is ready for anything to find a pet …

Last week in Charlotte, North Carolina, a girl lost her dog Ruby. The fact is that her car was stolen, and her favorite was sitting in the car.

Of course, the owner of the transport informed the police, begging them to find not so much the thieves and the car as her dog. Several anxious days passed before the good news arrived.

The detectives who were working on the car theft case managed to find the dog. They soon picked up Ruby and drove her home to return her to her owner. The girl was in for a very pleasant surprise!

Everything that happened became a scene of sincere joy and happiness from meeting with a favorite.

Welcome Home Ruby!

On February 1st, a chocolate lab puppy named Ruby was inside her owner’s vehicle when it was stolen. Today, Det. Albanese and Det. Morell were thrilled to reunite Ruby with her owner. Watch what happened for yourself! Welcome home Ruby!

Geplaatst door Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department op Dinsdag 4 februari 2020

Finally, Ruby returned to where she was expected.

The happy reunion was important for the owner and the dog, but the video of this meeting touched the hearts of thousands more social media users. Soon the video became viral, and this is not surprising, because love for animals can really be “contagious”.

Bravo to the police who found the lost dog so quickly! It is noticeable that they work for the benefit of society and consider not only the theft of a car, but also the disappearance of an animal to be an important matter.

May your tails never get lost!

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