Lost was hiding from people, hoping that her mother would come back for her! But it was not the mother who came for the kitten…

The tiny kitten was afraid to appear in front of people … He hid near the building in the hope that no one would notice him!

This story started about a year ago.

A girl named Lisa works for one of the large firms in Arizona. One day, she decided to go outside to get some fresh air during her lunch break.

Enjoying the wonderful weather, the girl heard strange sounds. For the first few minutes, Lisa did not understand what this squeak was and where the source of the sound was.But something told the girl that somewhere nearby there is a kitten…

Lisa began to look for the crying baby. Then another employee joined her, and a little later the security guard said that he saw a cat mother who was carrying her kittens somewhere. Maybe this kid just got lost!

The pet was found near the electrical panel. The striped kitten was about a month old.

But the little one is incredibly lucky! That day in Arizona it was very hot — thermometers showed about 37 degrees of heat. If no one noticed the kitten, he would have remained sitting at the electrical panel. Most likely, the baby would have died from dehydration …

Lisa and her colleagues found a cardboard box. Then the baby was caught and put into it.

The cat obviously didn’t like it. Not only did he suddenly lose his mother, but also some strangers put him in an incomprehensible place. The baby tensed, huddled into a ball and huddled in a corner.

Carefully holding the box with the pet in her hands, Lisa approached her boss and told the story of the foundling, and then took time off from work to take the kitten home. The woman did not refuse the employee, because she herself loved animals very much.

Then the girl took the baby home. All the way she wanted to stroke the animal, but the cat hissed and did not allow to touch him. However, Liza did not give up — and she still managed to pet the foundling!

At home, Lisa always has enough food for cats, because she already has two — Calamity and Catastrophe. As soon as the girl opened a jar of food, the baby immediately began to runing nearby, smelling the smell of delicious food.

The baby quickly ate the offered treat, looking at Lisa with interest. He must have hoped for another round of goodies to follow.

In the evening, Lisa’s husband returned from work and began to play with the kitten. By morning, the couple realized that now a third pet would live in their house, which they decided to call May Day, since Lisa found the baby on the first of May.

By the way, a little later it turned out that the kitten is a girl.

And Lisa’s colleagues were still trying to find the mother cat and the rest of the kittens, but to no avail … People decided that the cat simply took the babies to a safer place.

And May Day is now absolutely happy! She became close friends with Catastrophe, and now the girlfriends come up with some pranks all day …

They say the truth — there would be no happiness, but the unhappiness helped! If the mother had not accidentally lost the cat, she would never have found a home …

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