Loud noises scared the owners of the house. It turns out that someone decided to spend the winter in their basement

A family from California shared an amazing story that happened in November 2019 year. Once going to rest, people went out into the yard and heard strange, loud sounds coming from the basement located under the house.The stunned owners listened to the sounds and looked around, after which they concluded that a very large animal was hiding there. It’s most likely a bear.

It turned out that one of the local bears was looking for a place to winter, and the family accidentally didn’t close the door to the basement. The animal decided that in front of him was an excellent lair and settled there. Of course, the owners of the house immediately contacted the rescuers, who aren’t at all unusual in such cases. It turns out that bears often come to residential buildings in winter.

Such cozy places are ideal for animals for wintering. The basement or any other shelter under the house reminds the bears of a cave.

After a few hours, people noticed that the loud noises had subsided and thinking that the animal had left they locked the door to the basement.

But it turned out that the bear was still there. In the middle of the night the noise began again and it became clear that the poor fellow was accidentally locked up. The family was unhappy about the fact that they caused inconvenience to the animal.

But, fortunately, the rescuers arrived the next day to help the bear get out.

It had to make some noise using a special tool that makes loud sounds. This was done so that the animal was frightened and crawled out of hiding. But for some reason our bear did not react to this.

But after a few minutes, he himself got out of the basement, looked around and, deciding that this place was too crowded for wintering, went in search of another lair.
In front of the surprised and delighted people, the bear went away.

It’s that time again… Bears searching for den sites under houses with easy access to the crawl space. Yesterday this handsome big guy was all nestled in underneath this house and the residents heard him ‘remodeling’. They called the BEAR League. We let him know he had to move somewhere else because he had caused some damage while moving around in the tight quarters. It took him a while to ‘agree’ but he finally crawled to the opening and, after looking at us for a bit as if to say, “Are you Sure I have to go?” he made is way out. The moral of this story is: Securely close up potential den sites under your house or cabin BEFORE the bears discover them. And if you find you have a ‘guest’, a large furry one, call us. We will safely get him out and will help make sure they can’t get back in after we leave. (It is considered harassment of wildlife to repeatedly chase a bear out but do nothing to keep him out). We want to thank this wonderful family for calling the BEAR League for help and for not wanting the bear harmed.

Geplaatst door BEAR League op Vrijdag 15 november 2019

The most interesting thing is that the rescuers recognized the animal! It has been repeatedly seen next to Mexican restaurants, it loves to feast on leftover food, finding them in trash cans.

Many bears live in the vicinity of Tahoe, so the locals aren’t surprised by such visits. And rescuers are always ready to help people if someone builds a lair in a “wrong” place.

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