Loving elephants shower their affection on their loved ones

Imagine being the object of affection of three absolutely devoted friends who compete for your attention and love. Now imagine those three friends are four-ton Asian elephants.

In this adorable video set to the very fitting Paul Anka song “Put Your Head On My Shoulders,” Lek, a volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park, is showered with affection from her elephant friends.

Trying to take selfies with her phone, Lek lies on the riverbank while Faa Mai and Thong Ae stick their trunks in the camera’s view like a pair of stubborn kids.

They gracefully tug on Lek’s shoulders and tuck her in between their two front legs to win her heart. She caresses their wrinkly skin and pays back their love in kind.

The touching devotion between Lek and her sweet elephant friends is too adorable not to watch. The antics of the elephants during the game will make you laugh out loud.

It’s beautiful to watch these precious creatures enjoy their freedom and play without care at the Elephant Nature Park, thanks to people like Lek who dedicate their lives to caring for these magnificent creatures.

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