Maddison and Lily. A story about female friendship

This isn’t just a touching story about the friendship of two dogs — it is a story about selfless devotion and support. Moreover, the ending of this story is far from a happy ending. In short, everything is like in life.

The main heroines of the story are two female Great Danes named Maddison and Lily. At the age of one and a half years, Lily lost her sight.

The reason is the injury, due to the eyelashes have grown into the dog’s eyeballs and cause constant suffering to the animal.
Perhaps she should have been taken to the veterinary earlier.

However, when they finally did it, it was too late. Unfortanatly Lily’s damaged eyes had to be removed. Luckily for Lily, she came under the care of a dog named Maddison that became a real guide for her friend.

So the owners decided to give the animals to a shelter located in the city of Shrewsbury (Shropshire, UK). There, the dogs lived soul to soul.They caused affection of the workers of the shelter. The animals literally didn’t part for a minute, becoming an example of a touching friendship.

A short time later a family from the city of Nantwich, Cheshire, decided to take the Great Danes. It isn’t known why, but the move turned out to be stressful for Lily.

She became embittered and began to lash out at Maddison and attack her. The couple decided to separate((

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