Maine Coon

My neighbors have a very nice little Maine Coon, Slava. I don’t know why he was called by a human name, but it isn’t so important. For those who don’t know, the Maine Coon is a breed of very large domestic cats. Graceful impressive size cat in a chic fur coat. So charming creation. The eyes of the Maine Coon are unusually intelligent. Some people have stupider things than this cat.

The neighbor’s daughter, with a businesslike view, sometimes takes Slavik outside for a walk, on a leash just like a dog. He himself is the size of a small dog with a strong muscular neck and large paws. The most important thing is that the cat is clearly not embarrassed by either the collar or the leash. Other cats look at him with surprise, respectfully see him off with feline glances, follow his royal walk.

Sometimes the owners let Slavik go for a walk on his own and without accompanying, as they say, in splendid isolation. At the same time, they strictly punish him and say to not go far.Maine Coon is a rather smart creature. It was a great success for Slavik when he was allowed to walk alone.

In summer, he can even swim a little in the open-air pool because, surprisingly, unlike other cats, he loves water. Once I caught him on the fact that the cat, having entered our territory, slowly approached our small inflatable children’s pool.

He wanted to swim, but, seeing this, I stopped him with the words: “Hey, friend, you have your own pool at home, it’s not worse at all. Go and swim at least all day . There is nothing to climb into ours». He looked at me disbelievingly with his green eyes, stood a little and slowly proceeded towards the neighbor’s fence. Clever cat. He understands everything.) There is no need to explain many times.

When Slavyan walks alone, he loves to hunt very much. From hunting brings the caught birds and mice.He doesn’t eat, but he will play and leave it somewhere.The cat is simply having fun and he doesn’t need the caught gaping sparrows and mice. And recently, according to the story of a neighbor from another walk, he brought, just don’t fall off your chair, a little toy terrier. What can you say? Hunter.

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