Man recovering from surgery wakes up with a cat nearby that he doesn’t have

Andrew’s father was recovering from surgery when he was visited by an unexpected guest. The man’s wife left the house, leaving the door slightly ajar, and when she returned, she saw her husband sleeping with a cat in his arms. The most interesting thing about all this is that they don’t have any cat.

No one knows where the purr came from, but they are glad that she appeared during this difficult period.

“I’m happy that dad is on the mend, and if this photo made some people smile, then that’s great too,” said Andrew Fallon in an interview.

Andrew’s original tweet received almost 470k likes and 80k comments so far.

“My father is recovering from surgery. Mom walked out and left the door slightly opened. My parents don’t own a cat.”

Especially people were touched by how gently the man holds the cat by the paw.

It is unlikely that Andrew’s father will start a cat blog soon: firstly, it turns out that he is not a fan of cats, and secondly, he can’t know how to use Twitter.

“Now I have to explain to my dad what Twitter is,” the man joked.

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