Man saves dog after finding a note with the animal’s sad story around its neck

It happens that the owners of four-legged pets throw them out into the street, instead of at least taking them to a shelter.

Today we will share with you the story of one dog that will touch you to the core.

This story took place in the Malaysian city of Ipoh. It is not known how many days this poor creature wandered around until a man named Lionel noticed her dirty and unhappy.

The man found a note on the dog’s neck, but it was not the address of the owners at all, but the sad story of the poor animal.

“Hey! I answer to the name Siggy! I am a very loving and attentive dog like me you have not met. My owner regrets that he left me, but he cannot be as caring as before. I am very upset about this. Please take me to your house. Please take me to your family.

Please show me love. I belong to the Goldendoodle breed, I will soon be five years old. They didn’t take me for sterilization. I’m also very kind by nature and don’t bite at all! I’m good at keeping a house. I will sit near the front door and bark at everyone who comes to it.

I will stop only at your command or if I recognize the person who has come. They also taught me how to do a couple of tricks. I hope you take me with you. With love, Siggy! Woof woof woof!”

The man was so touched by what he read that he took the doggy to his home. There he first fed her, then bought and combed her. After bathing, Siggy turned into a real beauty. Later, the dog was taken to his brother. He has better living conditions.

And the savior of the poor thing described this sad story on social networks, and at the end, he reminded that a person is responsible for those animals whom he has tamed.

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