Man throws away puppies in suitcase but loving mother saves her babies

A situation happened in America that proved that dogs can be much kinder and more merciful than some people. A man named Harry Davis decided to throw out 6 puppies that his dog had produced. He «packed» the crumbs into a suitcase and placed it near the dumpsters. This is not the limit of the cruelty of this character. Then he brought the mother of the puppies his dog named

Daisy. He tied her up next to the abandoned puppies.

Daisy is an incredibly smart dog. She immediately realized that the owner had betrayed her. The only person she loved was abandoned along with the offspring to the mercy of fate. However, the courageous dog was not going to give up just like that. She howled and scratched the suitcase with her paws, trying to open it.

People took notice of Daisy. The suitcase was opened and the puppies were freed. If a little more time had passed, the kids would simply suffocate.

Daisy’s master omitted only one oversight. The left suitcase was labeled with his name. The man was quickly tracked down and called to account for such a cruel act.

Now he will spend three months under arrest and then he will have to pay a substantial fine $ 750. Daisy’s owner never admitted that he threw her out into the street with the puppies. He proves that he gave them to his comrade.

This story soon became known. The puppies found their owners. What happened proves once again that there is nothing stronger than maternal feelings.

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