Meet Armand, the man who never stops cuddling wild cats

Most of us wouldn’t even dare to stand next to our big and somewhat intimidating four-legged friends wild cats.

We usually prefer to admire their beauty from a safe distance, just enough so that they can’t harm us.

But Armand and Beatrice Gerber are far from ordinary and the daring couple spends much of their time up close in personal, close contact with these wild cats.

In particular, every day they spend next to ten lions, three tigers, two leopards and a cheetah at the Iron Throne Predator and Wildlife Park in South Africa.

The Wildlife Park is a haven for all these rescued captive-born wild cats where they can thrive and feel safe.

Surprisingly these big cats love to be hugged by their guardians and that’s why Armand spends all day playing and hugging these wild animals.

While he is aware of the risks that can come with working closely with all those predators at the top of the food chain he loves what he does.

Some of us may call him crazy but Armand considers it a great joy and considers himself lucky that he has the chance to love these wild cats.

However it’s not that easy and you need to stay focused and also show respect for the animals.

He considers big cats to be his family and despite being annoyed at times is almost always in a good mood.

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