Meet Wiley, an adorable Dalmatian puppy with a heart on his nose.

Nature is truly unique and creates wonderful creatures. So this wonderful dog named Wylie has a characteristic feature: his nose is in the shape of a heart, moreover, it has an ideal correct shape.

The kid is only a year old, but he is already a real celebrity in social networks and he has a lot of followers on Instagram, the number of which is constantly increasing.

His owner, Lexie Smith, describes the beloved pet as always hungry, playful, very loving, curious, wild and very adventurous and that no photographs can show the full extent of his fun.

Lexi lives with Wylie in Colorado, and they met on St. Patrick’s Day a year ago and she chose him precisely because of the amazing heart-shaped nose.

Moreover, there were 11 puppies in the litter, and the girl was very difficult to choose, and then the heart was not so clearly formed, besides, the spots of Dalmatians often change with age.

And now the puppy is already quite an adult and Wiley, as his owner notes, has a bright not only external, but also internal personality, which she had not seen before in any dog.

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