«Mistress, I’m with you!» The faithful dog was guarding the owner when she passed out…

The loyalty of our four-legged friends is simply amazing! They will never leave a person in trouble …

Recently, an unpleasant incident happened in the Chinese town of Daqing. A local resident went for a walk with her golden retriever dog and passed out.

The faithful dog did not leave the mistress , guarding her until the ambulance arrived.

The doctors were amazed and touched by what they saw!
Doctors even told journalists about this story. At first they were afraid to approach the woman, because the dog is very large.

But when one of the doctors came closer, it became clear that the animal was not aggressive. The dog sat next to the owner, carefully watching the actions of medical workers.

When the doctors approached the pet’s owner, he was even rejoiced, and he realized that people would help his beloved mistress.

The smart animal did not leave the woman even when she was put on a stretcher and brought into the ambulance. The retriever immediately followed the delegation.


The doctors were so touched by what was happening that they permitted the dog to go with the owner to the hospital.

A little later it turned out that the woman is absolutely healthy. She became ill only because of the fact that she had abused alcohol the day before.

When the patient woke up, the first thing she asked where her dog was. The retriever immediately ran to the owner to hug!

Fortunately, everything ended very well. We hope that from now on a woman will be more careful when drinking alcohol, because it can harm not only her, but also her pet!

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