Mongrel saved the life of the family during the flood

The man piced up this dog from the street. An ordinary middle-aged mongrel he called Dobik.

The dog turned out to be very good as a guard and attracted the attention of everyone with his loud barking.

The owner simply adored his pet and he was very loyal and devoted, moreover, very quick-witted and easily trained. Very soon he learned most of the commands.

With the rest of the dogs, Dobik got along well with other pets living in the house, but he himself preferred to stay in the yard where he always had a full bowl of food and water.

And very soon the dog managed to fully thank his master for saving him from street life. Dobik, in turn, saved them from such a terrible misfortune as a flood.

At night, it was a heavy downpour , as a result of which the river overflowed its banks and already demolished everything that came across along the way. Andrey’s family then, as expected, was sleeping.

And the dog began to bark heart-rendingly, moreover, he could have escaped from the stream of water, but he didn’t do this, but barked at the door until the owner woke up and hastily transferred the family to the attic.

As a result It turned out that most of the population wasn’t so lucky.

And now, in gratitude, Dobik is always waiting for dinner with selected meat, a new, comfortable dog house, and most importantly, the immense love of the owners.

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