«My Sweet and Tender Beast». Photographer captures unique footage of a lion hugging a tree

We are accustomed to consider the kings of beasts as a powerful, predatory and cruel beast that is ruthless to those who are weak. But their heart is not alien to tenderness and sometimes it manifests itself to very unusual objects.

So, recently, a professional photographer, vacationing in Kenya, managed to capture unique shots of a huge wild cat weighing more than two and a half centners hugging a tree , touching isn’t it?

An unusual spectacle could be seen in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park, and it was taken by Brazilian photographer Julius Dadalti.
At the same time, the photographer noted that, in his opinion, the predator marked the territory in a similar way.

He also added that watching the life of lions, and especially their family life, is a real pleasure. He watched for hours as two lionesses played very gracefully with several cubs.

The head of the family lay down lazily all this time and then got up and decided to take a walk. Then he returned and began to amuse himself by playing with the tree. It looked funny and, at the same time, extraordinarily beautiful and even resembled some kind of show. The lion periodically looked at the young man, as if posing, then continued his game.

He noted that in the milder autumn and winter season, lions are especially playful and watching these regal animals is a real pleasure. He managed to travel a lot around the world and see a variety of representatives of the fauna, but he has no doubt that the title of the king of animals among these cats is not at all accidental.

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