Nanny has her hands full with adorable panda cubs

Clearing fallen leaves is a very tiring task for anyone. And if you know even a little bit about baby pandas, you know how mischievous and clumsy these animals are. But their playful and curious nature can create chaos for the person taking care of them.

Mei is the caretaker of the pandas at a panda research facility. She manages the adorable pandas and takes care of them. Well, the task is not as easy as it seems.

The caretaker can’t even get inside the enclosure as four fluffy panda cubs block her way. So, Mei has to be creative. She simply throws a bright pink broom that distracts the cubs.

The trick works and the cubs leave the entrance, but a new problem arises. Now she has to wrestle the broom back from one of them.

Mei didn’t even start the cleanup because of the playful nature of the cubs. She even gets her broom back only after a ton of effort. Finally, Mei begins to clean the leaves that had fallen on the fence.

She tries to work quickly, but the adorable balls of fluff catch hold of the basket of leaves. One of the cubs even gets inside it and runs around the whole place. The cubs just want to play with the leaves.

For every few leaves that Mei picks, she has to stop and dodge the panda cubs who want to play with them. Two of the cubs are almost unstoppable, and the exhausted caretaker literally sits down to control the fluffballs. Onlookers at the facility are amazed by Mei’s efforts with these lovable but mischievous animals.

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