Neither the mongrel nor her children were needed by people. And one of the puppies was completely weak and skinny

She was small and the weakest. The dog also wanted to live, but she had much less chances than her brothers and sisters.

The story that Alisha Lamash shared with us is banal, but this happens, unfortunately, very often. Five years ago, not far from the house where the girl lives, an ordinary mongrel gave birth to six puppies.

Both the mother herself and her children were nobody needed. Fortunately, caring people decided to participate in the fate of animals. They tried to adopt the puppies, and soon Alice, who just wanted to get a dog, found out about the kids.

The girl came to meet the crumbs. At that time, several puppies had already gone to new homes. All of them were large, fine and incredibly cute. All except one.The most puny puppy, a girl that looked much smaller than the others, was taken home by Alice. She thought that this little girl would have a harder time than the others.

A thin pet conquered all the relatives of the girl. She looked at people with wide eyes, as if not believing that she now had a family.

The baby was named Xena, and for five years now she has been happily living in the owners’ house. The owners do not part with the dog and always take it with them to the mountains, and to a picnic on the river bank, and just for a walk in the car.

People affectionately call the pet a traveler, because she really likes to explore new places with her owners.

A real beauty has grown from a small puppy. Thanks to love and care, she has blossomed and feels very happy. Thanks to her wonderful owners for their help and a comfortable life for the dog.

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