New life of abused Alaskan Malamute as proof that love and care work wonders

Three years ago, on a fall afternoon, a group of animal rescue volunteers in Mississippi helped a dog named One. It was confiscated from breeders who unscrupulously performed their duties. The animal was on a short chain and practically did not eat.

The volunteer shared that the unfortunate dog looked like the hero of a horror movie. He was extremely emaciated, shabby, with wounds and broken teeth. It was painful to look at the dog in such a state.

A girl named Cindy took upon herself the obligation to take care of the dog and it was she who later became his mistress. She assures that when she first brought Odin to her home, he was confused and the girl does not know if he was ever in the house. For weeks on end he lay there and did not move, showing no interest in anything.

The process of treatment and adaptation took several months. Very soon, the dog became more courageous, began to sleep next to the owner, and then play with her. Cindy shares that she loved the pet with all her heart and is still putting her poor health in order, because there are still many problems left.

Love and attentive care have done their job։ the previously exhausted dog with a bouquet of ailments has become a large, beautiful and sociable dog, in which the owners do not have a soul, and he reciprocates them.

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