New world record: 16 Irish Setter puppies were born at once and 15 of them survived

The world record is still far away, but the achievement within the breed is undeniable. And, what is more interesting, it came as a surprise to everyone.

Typically, Irish Setters bring 7-9 puppies, and therefore the veterinarian on duty, Louise Weinfield, did not suspect that her entire department would have to work far beyond their shift. But the result is worth it!

Judy Frampton, the owner of the newly-made mother named Amelia, suspected before the birth that there would be many puppies. That’s why she turned to the veterinarians, for a safety net – she did not lose.

The four-year-old dog even had to have a cesarean section to get all the babies, yet 16 puppies is a lot! Alas, one did not survive, the smallest and weakest, but now nothing threatens the rest.

Veterinarians and the owner of the dog are proud of the results for a reason. In addition to the record, which is important in itself, the appearance of so many puppies at once can enrich the owner.

The cost of a thoroughbred Irish Setter reaches 1000 euros, and if it comes from a respected family, with a pedigree, then there is nothing to say! And here at once one and a half dozen beautiful kids. A good reason to rejoice.

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