No more tigers in the Fort Boyard show

The Tigers from the TV show «Fort Boyard» are going into retirement. They will be replaced by 3D models. This decision was made by the organizers of the show.

Tigers were the symbol of the Fort Boyard show. Trained predators guarded the treasures, bringing terror to the players. The show has been running since 1990. Within the walls of the fort there were several dozen tigers, like in a zoo.

After 32 years, the tigers decided to retire. It is reported by TASS with reference to the BFMTV channel. The organizers made this decision to «respond to the society’s request for the protection of animals.» There will be no tiger in the next program.


They decided to replace the predators with 3D models. Now we will see tigers on the screen, but predators will no longer frighten the players. Virtual tigers will be able to interact with the players,for example, lick their if they suddenly find themselves nearby.

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