Husky Tully thinks she’s a cat and doesn’t want to believe she’s a dog

Which is stronger, inborn reflexes and genetic rules or learning, instilled habits? And this is a reason to think – is it so good when dogs nurse kittens, and cats puppies? A living example of this paradox is the husky Tully, which is neither a husky nor quite a dog.

She does not know the “sit” and “lie down” commands, but she likes to do this with her paws tucked under her. Tully just loves boxes! Although its size is problematic to find.

It all started when, at the age of about two months, Tully got into an animal shelter, and from there to new owners. All that is known about her former life is that from childhood the puppy was surrounded by cats and managed to adopt basic habits from them.

It is unknown to what extent Tully considers herself a cat. No one is going to convince her, so it will remain a mystery.

Tully loves to sit by the window and watch the world outside or sunbathe like a cat.

She does not gnaw on sofas and shoes, but she will gladly make a puddle in the most secluded place and drag something to tear it to pieces.

Tully has a half-hearted relationship with the Husky; there are traces of Malamute, Laika and other breeds in her blood.

Yes, the bag on the head is a problem. And during sleep, Tully tries to dodge like a cat.

Tully is vengeful but catlike – she will not attack you but will wait for the moment and throw an item off the table or steal a treat from the kitchen. Tully also takes advantage of the fact that her fur allows her not to stay in warm places and therefore likes to hide anywhere, where a normal cat would never even think of it.

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