On January 1, a puppy was freezing on a deserted street. When the strength almost left the baby, someone’s warm hands touched him

Who raised a hand to throw a tiny defenseless creature into the cold? Who didn’t feel sorry for the puppy? Does this person even have a heart? Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer. But on the other hand, the baby, who was in trouble, survived despite the plans of the non-human.

This story happened on January 1, 2012. New Year’s Eve was over, and people fell asleep in their homes … And it was at this time that someone threw a little puppy into the street. The baby was shivering with cold and fear. She was crying, but no one heard the animal…

But the miracle did happen. The baby, who did not understand anything, was bound by frost, and she was already ready to say goodbye to life. And then someone’s warm hands touched the puppy! Quite by chance, Oksana Pravdina found herself on the street, who, unlike most of the city’s residents, decided to take a walk.

The girl could not leave the puppy and immediately rushed to save the baby’s life. Oksana brought her home, wrapped her in a huge shawl and, holding her in her arms, began to solder her with warm milk. The dog began to swallow the liquid with difficulty, but it was clear that it cost her a lot of effort. And yet, after some time, the baby opened her eyes. So she first saw her mistress! The pet survived.

Oksana thinks every day about what would have happened to her beloved if she hadn’t gone outside then?

Unfortunately, the girl did not have any photographs in which the dog was very little. And why remember the sad past when there is such a happy present?

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