One of these dogs was waiting for the «last injection», they hugged and said goodbye at the same time

In this picture, the dog hugs his friend, who was expected to be euthanized in a few hours. The dog sincerely tried to console his comrade, because he had only a few hours of life left, and he was afraid to be alone at that time.

Shelter staff have been looking for a family for the dog for a long time, but could not find it, they had no other choice but to euthanize it.

They were very upset by this development, so when they saw how their other ward came to comfort the dog, they took a picture and posted it on social networks, making a last attempt to draw attention to the animal.

This time they succeeded, and within a few hours, friends arrived at the clinic who wanted to take both animals. So Kala and Kira found a home and good hosts just a few minutes before the life of one of them was to end.

Now both animals are happy, they live in different houses, but they meet regularly and every day their friendship becomes stronger, as well as love for the people who gave them a new life.

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