Orphaned baby elephant prefers to hang out with human best friends

An orphaned baby elephant has found its best friends in its human rescuers. Found lying weak was a baby elephant, who is now known as Ndotto. When it looked like it was about to give up, it found friends in people.

Wildlife Trust member David Sheldrick saved a baby elephant that would have died if left alone. He called on the villagers to help him.

They took the elephant to the van and took care of it. Ndotto is now seen in the fields getting fed by someone. Elephants are friendly animals, although they are categorized as wild animals.

The relationship built its trust in people, and the elephant roamed about freely, like other rescued elephants. The YouTube exhibit of the elephant could be said to make anyone laugh.

If you read the story of the weak and frail elephant, you may cry. Now Ndotto has graduated from the nursery in the OP and has been transferred to the reintegration units with other elephants.

With three reintegration units, the first stage will help it mingle with other wild elephants.This, of course, will also make him learn how to live independently as he should.

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