Orphaned colt named Tye was only nine days old when he lost his mom, but instantly got a unique friend

This story happened in Australia. A cattle dog was living in a horse-breeding family. His name was Zip, and he never contacted other animals.But this was another case. He was five years old then when he felt that his help was needed!

Baby horse was a newborn when his mother was ill and couldn’t recover after giving birth. And soon because of non-proper treatment from her owner she died.

That night, Zip was restless and felt something worse could happen. But the owner couldn’t imagine that the unhappiness might occur.

So the mother had gone by the morning, but faithful Zip would stay with him forever.

They became real friends, the dog lay near to the Tye, he always spent his time with the colt.For six months, Zip kept his eye on the orphaned colt every time!

Actually, Zip became his guardian angel!

Quickly growing and strengthening, Tye became a healthy horse. Now, Zip knew that his mentee was a young horse, and Zip started to follow his growth from the sidelines.But Zip was always on time when his Tye needed his help!

So everyone was proud of the brave and warmhearted Zip, and everyone admired the friendship of these two pets!

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