Orphaned kittens were treated and nursed by a bearded veterinarian and they began to consider him their mom

A veterinary clinic in New York were brought three very tiny kittens who were picked up on the street during a heavy downpour. The babies were helpless and would not have survived without their mother’s care, and their mother was not there.

Next to them were four more cubs, that, unfortunately, did not survive. They were delivered in a terrible state. The crumbs were dehydrated, emaciated, their eyes were inflamed, besides, they managed to get wet in the rain and catch a cold.

The young veterinarian Gill took care of the kittens. He immediately filled the bottle with mixture and began to feed them. Then the young doctor shared that it is precisely at such moments when he has the opportunity to help helpless animals that he feels real happiness and is sure that in the life of these kittens there will continue to be only bright and happy moments.

He took them to his home and looked after them day and night. He got up at night to feed them, warmed them in his arms, and the little bodies gradually began to come to life and become a little more energetic.


But the runny nose became worse and two cubs were moved to the veterinary clinic, where was carried out intensive therapy . Unfortunately, one of the kittens could not be saved and 5 days later he was gone.

Two kittens survived and they continued treatment in the house and Gilla managed to fall in love with these kids. They reacted to the sound of his voice, slept with him and asked for food at night.

The boy was tired from lack of sleep, but still did not complain and fell in love with them. And during the day he brought them to work and wa taking care of them during breaks. Slowly they began to eat solid food, but the bottle is still adored and, as soon as they see it, they begin to reach for it with their paws.

Thanks to Gill, they are perfectly healthy and happy and love to cuddle. He sadly thinks that they are going to be separated, but the time for adoption has already come.

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