Outside, in the heat a kitten was bitterly crying. Workers found it in a waste bag

Ekaterina Kazimova met this poor fellow on one of the streets of Alexandria in Egypt. The little kitten wept bitterly, sitting on the hot asphalt under the scorching sun.

The little one tried to attract the attention of passers-by, but people walked by.As if under their feet there was not a living creature, but just garbage. No one even looked in the direction of the baby.

Luckily Elena was walking on the street at the same time. She couldn’t help but notice the kitten, so she immediately stopped.

The workers who were cleaning the street told the girl the sad story of the cat. It turns out that someone threw it away with garbage. The package was untied and the kitten was released. But no one was going to take part in the fate of the pet, so he was left to himself.

Lena didn’t know how long the foundling had been sitting on the street but she knew for sure that she wouldn’t leave him. The girl had to urgently cancel the appointment with the dentist because she had more important things to do.

As soon as Elena lifted the baby from the asphalt, he immediately grabbed his savior with his claws fearing that she would change her mind and leave him. And in the car the girl noticed what piercing blue eyes the cute had.

This story took place five years ago. So a homeless kitten met his happiness. Now his name is Apricot, and he is a happy, well-fed and very beloved pet.

Thanks to the girl for saving the animal!

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