Panda does not understand that he had twins, the zoologist came up with an ingenious solution

Panda bears are among the most adorable creatures the Earth has been blessed with. Cheerful, gentle and sweet, it’s clear why societies have fallen in love with pandas.

When giving birth, if a panda gives birth to twins, they will usually leave one of the pandas behind and focus on raising the other. But for this panda, its people have developed a fantastic solution.

Inspired by a clever researcher, this wildlife sanctuary has found a way to allow this mother panda to care for her two twins, ensuring that both get enough attention and care.

By separating the panda cubs, the mother can focus on one at a time and therefore take care of both. But the whole time, this panda is under the impression that she only has one cub.

Seemingly oblivious to the fact that she gave birth to twin pandas, this mother cares for each of them equally. This is such a unique method of providing for both cubs.

The caretakers carefully change the twins and take them out of their cage, which requires tons of patience and trust from the mother panda. Twins are exchanged up to ten times a day.

This genuinely heartwarming video shows that human collaboration with animals can lead to great success. Being able to provide for both cubs, this panda is raising twins without even realizing it.

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