Paradise conditions for a stray dog.How a homeless kid became a frequenter of restaurants

This adorable fluffy dog lives life like many pets can’t even dream of. He is fed an incredibly varied and very tasty food, including delicacies and gives a lot of love.

Before getting into heavenly conditions, he was a stray dog, but now he knows all the restaurants in the area.

A girl named Ivy changed the fate of a four-legged tramp forever, and this happened thanks to a chance meeting. The fluffy dog was running alone in the early morning, and the girl noticed him.

However, she had no time to stop, and therefore each of the heroes of this story went his own way.

But when Ivy came back and noticed the dog again, she decided that this time she would definitely help him.

The girl came closer and took the baby in her arms.The Ivy family was delighted when they saw this furry miracle and he become a beloved pet.


So Ivy’s husband and she began to take the dog with them wherever they went. Even in restaurants where pets are allowed.

The dog always sits on a separate chair and behaves like a well-mannered visitor.

Well, they try to feed him. Of course, not all dishes that are offered are suitable for a dog, but sometimes you can arrange a feast with a mountain of tasty treats and meat.

True, most often the dog just poses against the backdrop of delicious food, acting as a model for the Instagram page, which has more than 300 thousand followers.

Well, after the photo session, the owners often empty the plates with pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers and salads on their own.

By the way the hostess admits that the dog is especially happy when he eats his cookies.

And, of course, he is very fond of attention, like Ivy. When they appear somewhere, people recognize them, and this amuses the family.

Well, we can rejoice, because it wasn’t so long ago he wandered the streets, and today he is glowing with happiness!

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