Parents of Golden Retrievers take care of their puppies

The importance of the family is something that humans and animals can connect with and get along with, which helps us build character and personal balance.

Unlike the friends we get to know, we don’t choose our family members, but no matter what, they are essential to our development, and of course, parents come first.

If in life, humans have very different types of families (couples with children, single/lonely individual, orphans), in animals, it is the same thing. Newborns are found in the wild with or without their parents to protect them depending on the species.

Maternal and paternal instincts and guardianship have become ingrained in almost all species, and it is especially beautiful to observe this in dogs.

Parents of Golden Retrievers are truly happy and proud of the family they have built. They seem almost relieved looking at the newborn puppies as if part of the difficult task has been done for now. It is remarkable how much it makes you feel nothing but serenity and love.

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