“Please give me a piece of bread”.A skinny dog trampled in the parking lot and begged passers-by to help him

Recently got a call from Starbucks Animal Rescue. It turned out that a small dog walks near one of the parking lots.

The dog asks for food from every person that catches his eye.

The baby is exhausted and weakened. He was already tired of begging people to give him at least a crumb of food. A man named Alfred came to help the animal. He immediately found a common language with the puppy. First of all, Alfred fed the baby.

The man called the dog and the dog immediately ran up to him. The kid greedily pounced on food. When the puppy ate, Alfred put a leash on him. He calmed the dog, reassured him that he was safe.

Later Alfred posted pictures of the puppy on social media. He posted the story of the dog under the photo. The puppy was examined to determine the presence or absence of a microchip. As expected, he was gone.

Now the baby is overexposure, but this is temporary. Soon he will go to a permanent family, but first he needs to be treated. The baby was named Bobby. At first, he could not satisfy his hunger in any way and consumed an unmeasured amount of food. Bobby is a sociable and kind dog who will certainly become a wonderful pet and friend.

They never figured out why Bobby stayed in the parking lot. Maybe he was a house dog that was kicked out into the street.

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