Polar bear sisters relax in a huge ice bath

The two polar bears have a great time and take turns as good siblings should.

The video comes to the internet via the Oregon Zoo, where the two polar bear sisters reside. Amelia and Nora Gray are sisters who were born a year apart. Polar bears are a threatened species because their habitat is slowly melting away.

These two sisters know how to make the most of the ice in the bathtub before it melts. They dive nose first and roll onto their backs. The tub can’t hold both of them, but they take turns frolicking away.

At some points in the video, it appears that one sister is helping to put ice on the other. They seem to really enjoy putting their heads in the ice, like they want to get down into the ice pile.

Both clearly want in, but have to wait their turn. Of course, each sister tries to gnaw her way into the tub while the other is playing.

If you’ve ever found a pool after a hot summer day, you’ll understand some of the motions these polar bears are making. Rolling back and forth while dipping their noses in the cold ice sure looks like fun for them.

The video is heartwarming and it’s nice to know that these sisters survived the melting environment. They have found a safe place at the Oregon Zoo, and the zoo staff seems to know just how to make them feel at home!

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