Pot-bellied piggy grew up with five dogs and considers himself part of a dog family

You’ve probably heard the proverb that man’s best friend is a dog. However, domestic pig Chowder assures that not only a person, but also a pot-bellied piglet can become friends with dogs.

Mumps lives with five rescue dogs in Southern California from an early age. We all know that dogs are ideal pets, but our Chowder is no less friendly and kind, sweet disposition.

A girl named Shelby, the mistress of animals, shares that her pets have largely adopted her character and she observes their behavior and sees her reflection in them.She sed a page on Instagram, where she publishes their photos and videos.

Shelby admits that she is very responsible in caring for and caring for animals, as their health, happiness, safety and their whole life depend on her.

This team of friends is very attached to each other and they just do not imagine their day alone. When one of the pets leaves or is taken to the veterinarian for examination, the rest are very worried and start looking everywhere for a friend.

By the way, this is not the first case of friendship between a small pig and dogs. Before that, a girl from Thailand found a wild boar that wandered into her yard for searching a food. He was sick and weak and the girl cured him and left him to live with her dog.

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