Puppy-Fenya was convinced that he was a kitten and repeated all the habits of his kitten brothers

When the owners brought in three tiny puppy Fenya completely changed his behavior. He developed strange, not at all puppyish habits. At the same time, he adopted the behavior of the kittens, for example, went to his toilet, and used a flower pot instead.

The hostess scolded Fenya, but she understood that he was very small and, due to his age, adopted everything he saw.

But Fenya’s unusual behavior didn’t end there. The puppy suddenly fell in love with milk and ate their common bowl with the kittens, and then licked their paws and washed their muzzle, just like a kitten.

The puppy was sure that he was also a cat and therefore copied everything that the purrs did, and the kittens love to lick Fenya’s wet nose and bite his ears.

Over time, Fenya realized yet that he was not a cat, but an adult dog, and when the cats once again fooled around, grabbing his ear, he growled so much that they got scared and fled.

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