Puppy rescued from fire becomes a firefighter himself

At just three weeks old, Jake was found engulfed in flames in a barn that had been set on fire. The puppy was rescued by local firefighter Bill Lindler, but he was badly burned. 75 percent of the puppy’s body was damaged, including the paw pads.

He was eventually left in the vet’s office as his owners couldn’t afford to pay for his treatment. One of the highlights of this burnt-scarred puppy’s life is that the same firefighter who saved him from a terrible fate also decided to adopt him after hearing the news.

Jake’s recovery was facilitated by the loving and caring environment of the county’s fire department. The official mascot of the fire department is now a smart dog that visits schools to teach children about fire safety and emergency procedures.

At first he was a therapy dog, specially trained in this, and then, as the most capable student, he was taken to training by firefighters and Jake, who miraculously survived in a strong fire, was rescued and treated for a long time, now he finds arson.

Moreover, the puppy works very professionally and the fire department officials claim that it is he who has a great merit in the fact that some fires were discovered at the very beginning and extinguished before spreading and doing a lot of trouble.

Here is such a kind story about a rescued firefighter puppy that is sure to make you smile in these difficult times.

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