Puppy with a tail on his forehead

A 10-week-old puppy with an unusual abnormality was found outside in the cold.

In the US state of Missouri, a puppy was found with a tail on its forehead. People took him to dog rescue organization Mac’s Mission.

The puppy, which looks like a cross between a dachshund and a golden retriever, has been given the name «Narwhal» and has been nicknamed «little magical fluffy unicorn» on the internet. Having taken x-rays, the veterinarians noted that the process in the forehead doesn’t cause discomfort to the pet and doesn’t have any medical indications for removal.

However, the baby had to be treated for frostbite of the paw and rid him of parasites.

American experts told how such an unusual process could appear on the forehead without muscles and bones. Most likely, the cause was the intrauterine absorption of one fetus by another. This happens in 10-15% of canine pregnancies.One of the fetuses is assimilated by the others or by the mother.

Anton Markov, general director of the Zoogen clinic, offers a different version, explaining this by the peculiarities of embryogenesis. According to Markov, this may be due to hormonal disorders, the position of the fetus, or a mechanical obstacle.

Anyway, the baby is practically healthy. Having become famous in social networks, Narwhal received many applications from potential owners, and the center’s specialists choose responsible owners for it.

Mac’s Mission is dedicated to helping dogs that find themselves in a difficult situation knocked down, injured or thrown out by finding new owners for them. The organization hopes that the story of the «unicorn» will draw attention to their other pets who need a new home.

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