Rescuers pulled the fox out of the wall, but left him alone in a cardboard box

This very little fox got into a very difficult situation and almost went missing, but kind people helped him in time. And the story began with the fact that the animal was stuck between the wall of one of the shops and could not get out.

When people found him, they immediately called the rescue team and the firemen left immediately. In order to free him, they sawed a gap and only after that they got him out.

But the story did not end there, and the actions of the saviors cause some bewilderment. They were advised to leave the animal in the box, and so that no one would take it, then attach a note to the box saying that the rescuers had pulled it out and that it was waiting for its mother in the box.

The rescuers did as they were advised. They left the baby in a box with a note and a small bowl of water. After that, they went home, but one of them continued to worry and decided to ask what happened to the rescued animal.

He returned after work to the very location of Ian and what was his surprise when he found that the box had disappeared. He immediately turned to the veterinarians to find out if anyone had taken him, but they answered that the fox was not touched and assumed that the mother fox had taken him.

Naturally, this assumption was absurd. Later we learned that one of the passers-by stumbled upon the box and contacted the rescue service. For the fox came the staff of the Society for the Protection of Animals in London, which specializes in cats and foxes.

The worker said that they have a fox cub and he is in perfect order. The question of what to do with the fox when it is cured remains open, but the idea of bleaving it in a box was not the most correct.

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