Risking his life, the fisherman jumped into the icy water and saved the life of a teddy bear

Elijah Barkley decided to go fishing with his friends to West Virginia. He could not even think that as a result of this sortie out of town he would save a life, but it happened just like that.


When a group of people were returning to the camp, on the way they came across a forester and a bear trainer. They asked the man to be more careful and report if a small bear cub, which usually roams around, catches his eye. He lost his mother and it is very difficult for him to survive alone.

And in a short time, Elijah actually stumbled upon the cub. He looked extremely tired and could hardly drag his feet. Elijah told the trainer and ranger about his encounter and said that the cub was sitting on the edge of the river and was about to pass out.

As it turned out later, the beast was found in good time. But before the trainer could inject a sedative to take him to the wildlife rescue center, the cub’s legs buckled and he fell into a river of icy water.

He began to sink and could not get out of the river. When the current had already picked up the baby, Elijah realized that it was time to act. He dived after him, forgetting about the danger and thinking only about how to save the bear cub.

As soon as he was able to overcome the rocky shore, he jumped into the icy cold of the water and swam to him, and when he got there he grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him to the shore.

The man barely had time, the bear cub came to his senses and took a breath of fresh air. Now he is under close examination and restores his strength.

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