School staff heard a cat squeak in the office

Employees of a school in North Carolina, USA, heard a strange squeak that came from the ceiling. It was a mournful meow and it did not subside.

Not so long ago, employees of a school in Northern California, USA, heard strange sounds from the ceiling in one of the classrooms. They immediately realized that the sounds were coming from the ventilation pipe.And after listening, they learned that it was a plaintive cat’s squeak.

Everyone in the office immediately decided to save the poor fellows who were stuck in the pipe.

“When we heard the sounds, we immediately checked the vent and saw a couple of kittens outside. We started thinking about how to get them out of the pipe and asked for help from our mechanics,” says one of the teachers. On the same day, they found the mother cat on the school grounds and decided to reunite the family as soon as possible.

With the help of mechanics, three little cubs were taken out of the tube. However, some time after the rescue, the crew continued to listen to Miao. They themselves went up there and took out the two cubs. Finally, all the children were safe.

The kids were very hungry. Employees fed and watered the crumbs, and the next day reunited with mom. The feline family has been reported to local shelters and soon they will be looking for overexposure.

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