Seeing an old dog on the street, a passer-by let his angry sheep-dog off the leash

When Pasha was caught, he was already 10 years old, a very respectable age for a dog. An old dog in trapping was offended by younger relatives. Pasha did not have time to get into the queue for food, so, as a rule, he remained hungry. The life of dogs in captivity is extremely difficult, and for an elderly dog it has completely turned into a constant struggle for survival.

Sasha took Pasha for a walk, which went on as usual, until a man with a sheepdog approached them from the opposite end of the path. The dog looked rather stern, but was on a leash.When he noticed a man with an elderly dog, the owner of the shepherd dog, as if on purpose, unfastened the leash and loudly gave the dog permission to walk. From the first moment it was clear that the meeting of two dogs would not end in anything good.

Pasha tried with all his might to hide behind the man, Sasha made every possible effort to separate the dogs, and the owner of the shepherd simply indifferently watched what was happening, only occasionally, for show, giving orders to the dog. By the time the owner fastened the leash to the shepherd’s collar again, Pasha was pretty battered.

Pasha returned completely exhausted. Now he needs the help of a veterinarian again. This is how an ordinary walk turned into serious problems. Sasha prepares the dog for another trip to the clinic.

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