Seeing the four-legged mother, the woman rushed to save her but she ran away

One day, a volunteer named Lisa was traveling by car. Driving through the countryside, she noticed some movement in the bushes.

A moment later, a black dog came out. From her appearance, one could tell that she had recently given birth to puppies.

The woman looked around in confusion and immediately noticed tiny puppies. The kids looked timidly at the stranger, and Lisa carefully took them in her arms.

A moment later, the puppies were in the woman’s car and she again made an attempt to find the dog. About half an hour passed and Lisa realized that nothing would work out for her today.

However, the woman was determined.So she came the next day to the same place. She did find the dog, but it hid under the hood of someone else’s car and refused to come out.

And then Lisa realized that the only way out was to set a trap. Literally the next day, it worked and the woman was able to take the mother of the puppies. Of course the dog was very worried, sitting in a trap, but she finally had a chance to reunite with her kids.

By the way, they were very worried that she was absent. Especially the tiny puppy named Sam. The little one even fell into depression, but three days later, when he finally met his mother, he simply danced with joy!

When the dog appeared, she felt embarrassed because she didn’t know how to behave with people. Soon the four-legged guest stopped worrying and turned into an affectionate and kind dog. Lisa says that it was very nice to watch the moment when the behavior of the animal changes and it begins to trust you.

And soon all the puppies were taken into the house by kind people! Kind hosts were also found for a charming mother, who was named Ru. Today they are all very happy, and Liza is extremely happy that she could help them.

A wonderful, kind-hearted woman whom we thank for her help!

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