«Shall we run together?» Marathon athlete saves stray dog’s life

Running a marathon is no easy task. It requires a lot of responsibility and perseverance. Marathon runners train daily, follow a special diet in combination with physical activity.

And in our story, a girl, a participant in a marathon, was preparing for it for a long time and everything went according to plan, when suddenly, on the way, she encounters a very tiny dog. And then what to do, run further or stop and help the animal?

Such a difficult choice faced the participant of the race from Thailand Hemjira Klongsaun. She was about to start the 30k race when she spotted this adorable dog roaming the road. The marathon runners ran with concentration, as if not noticing the baby.

The girl immediately came up with the idea that the baby needed help, there were no residential buildings nearby, so the puppy was either abandoned or lost and could not return home. She could not leave the animal defenseless and took him in her arms, deciding to continue the race together.

Later, the athlete admitted that it wasn’t easy to run such a distance with a dog in her arms. It was almost twice as difficult, but she did it, because the puppy won her heart, and indeed she is sure that we are obliged to help our smaller brothers.

She noted that she decided to keep the puppy for herself and now he must adapt to new conditions, but she is sure that this will happen very quickly.

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