She thought she lost her dog for good…But

This young woman’s despair turned to tears after she was reunited with the dog she thought she had lost forever.

Meredith McKay Lequette was driving in a car with her pet Fergus when they suddenly collided with another car. Fortunately, everything worked out, however, the large Irish wolfhound, apparently frightened, disappeared.

Almost immediately, Meredith began looking for the dog with her friends, but everything was unsuccessful, he was nowhere to be seen, but the mistress did not lose hope. She flooded all social networks with announcements about his disappearance, pasted the streets with them, and soon all friends, neighbors and even strangers were looking for Fergus.

The woman already thought that she had lost her pet forever, but a faint hope still glimmered in her.

Four days later the phone rang. Complete strangers said that Fergus had already been found. But the most touching scene was yet to come in the morning, because they called her in the middle of the night.

Meredith drove off at dawn to pick up her beloved dog and their reunion was very touching. The woman was deeply moved and could not hold back her tears, and then all those present also shed tears. And we are glad that this story had a happy ending.

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