Small seals began to crawl out onto the coast of Primorye

The season of small seals crawling on the shore has started in Primorye.Inexperienced seal cubs sometimes need help. One of the children was seen at the cordon of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve on Bolshoi Pelis Island.

A seal cub climbed ashore and fell under the sun when it was photographed by the inspectors of the «Leopard Country» nature reserve. The kid wasn’t at all afraid of people and showed interest.

The press service said that this is normal behavior for spotted seal cubs. After molting, the babies are separated from their mother and set off to explore the world alone. Very often, curiosity leads seal cubs to people.

Very often, these babies become victims of dogs or people and they need help. Many compassionate passers-by take the kids home, only aggravating the situation.

The Rehabilitation Center for Marine Mammals «Tyulen» operates in Primorye. Specialists rescue the babies and then release them into the wild after they get stronger.

This year, the rescue season for seals has already begun: three exhausted seal cubs have come to the Center for rehabilitation.

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