Street dog became an employee of a car dealership

One street dog often appeared near the car dealership. As soon as the workers passed by, he ran up to them and began to caress. They made the decision to take it.

It was clear that he had no owners. Sometimes the dog spent the night on the territory of the salon.

Employees became friends with him and gave their meals. And soon they got used to it and couldn’t say goodbye to him. The staff gave him a name and made a badge for him. From that day on, he became a true member of the team.

At first, the salon staff wanted to give him to a shelter or find new owners for him. But they loved the dog so much that they left him. And the dog felt at home.

At the moment he is part of the team. They are thinking of doing an ad with a dog in the title role.

He became a symbol of the salon. Many go there to take pictures with an unusual employee of the salon. Customers are happy to see such a handsome man there.

Clients often treat him with sweets and of course he doesn’t refuse. The sale increased significantly with his arrival in the salon.

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