That’s the character. Having survived during a terrible hurricane, the squirrel got into the house of huge dogs and managed to make friends

Little Zack is a charming, nimble little squirrel with a fluffy tail. He carelessly gnaws nuts and joyfully jumps around the David’s house who sheltered him. But it was not always so.

Before being in good and safe hands, the baby was face-to-face with the natural elements, but managed to withstand its pressure.

Moreover, after the saving, he had to find himself in the company of dogs, and surprises began there that no one expected!

Find in the garden

During the dreaded Hurricane Irma, the newly born Zack was separated from his squirrel family and ended up in a strange garden. Irma lay helpless on the grass, waiting for death. There he was found by Rine and Zacharias.

The men saw that he had not even opened his eyes , and there was almost no wool on him.

Alas, they had no experience in raising squirrels, so they thought about what to do with it.

The solution came instantly: to turn to a friend named David, who once rescued squirrels and had an idea how to care for them.

There was just a small problem: a friend had two Labradors!
New resident

Seeing the tiny squirrel, Dave was a little taken aback. The man, of course, knew how to help him, but he could not imagine the reaction of his two dogs living in the house. But why not take a chance?

The familiarity took place almost immediately: Labradors Maddox and Madison themselves ran to the owner to tell him that it was so alive in his hands.

What was David’s surprise when the dogs … began to lick the baby! No aggression — only good nature and attention to the little guest. It was the start of an amazing friendship!

As he grew older, baby Zack gained strength and turned from a tiny squirrel into a beautiful, nimble squirrel. His agility is amazing: a pet can sit on the sofa, and in a second be on the curtains, then land on the table and jump onto the windowsill.

“He doesn’t sit still for a minute! Rides 24 hours a day!” David laughs.

And what about furry dogs? As before, they show complete complacency and behave like nannies.

And this despite the fact that little Zach can sometimes get them. They take it patiently when a squirrel decides to ride them, are fine when she gives them a «massage» of their backs with her claws, and don’t get angry if Zach grabs them by the nose!

«Who is that?»

When the squirrel grew up, the cheerful family was added with one more tenant — a Labrador puppy named Major appeared in the house. Unlike his fellows, he is not used to the fact that there is a tailed energizer in the house, so the dog literally began to follow the squirrel.

Curiosity stood in the eyes of the little Labrador when he saw Zach hanging from the curtain. “How did you get up there? I want to do the same!» — read in his eyes.

But most of all, Major loves nuts, which the squirrel sometimes leaves behind. As soon as the forest creature jumps to the side, the puppy immediately eats up the remains after him. And they can run and play all day long — like real friends!

Well, we wish this unusual family to always live together and have fun!

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