The boy is sure that he has a twin in the class

The boy keeps claiming that there is a twin in his class at school.When he showed the picture at home, his mother began to cry.

One day a boy came home from school and claimed that his twin was in class with him. He kept insisting, but his mother didn’t believe him. Then one day the little boy showed her a picture of him together. And the woman couldn’t help herself and cried.

The kindergarten where Miles, a 5-year-old boy, goes decided to organize a Twins’ Day. In America, there are usually theme days where students are asked to dress a certain way. For this occasion, the kids were asked to choose a partner and dress the same way. Miles had no doubts, whom to choose, as he was sure that Tanner was really his twin.

Brittney, Miles’ mother, knew that her son, who attends kindergarten, was very attached to a boy named Tanner, but she had never met him in person. She had no idea what he looked like. All she knew was that her son thought he was his twin.

«He said they were the same. That they both hadbrown eyes and black hair. He was sure they were twins.»

So, on twin day, Brittney made identical clothes for both boys.The kids were clearly happy to wear matching shirts. But when the kindergarten sent the parents pictures of the pairs that had formed, Britney couldn’t hold back tears when she saw Miles and Tanner.Two perfect twins.

Miles and Tanner are different, but their eyes are the same, like twins. Mom said she cried because the little ones know how to surprise us. Maybe it was better that they ruled the world.

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