The caring and kind-hearted officer adopts a tiny pit bull puppy that he rescued on duty

Fortunately our today’s story is a happy ending.

It is about a pit bull who was found by an officer and who gave the cute puppy a forever home!

It was a roaming at the streets of tenacity Mount Laurel, New Jersey.The officer was on his duty when all of a sudden he noticed a puppy roaming in the street.

It seemed the puppy was rather abandoned than lost and it was also injured.


The officer took the puppy to the shelter. The cute puppy really attracted the police officer with its beauty and charm.He left the puppy at the shelter not knowing that he will come back after him soon.

20 minutes after leaving the puppy at the shelter the police officer just couldn’t resist returning to him.

It turned out the puppy didn’t have a microchip.He also had to pass the treatment in order to get well.

When the puppy was recovered the officer decided to adopt the sweet puppy!He was so excited that he will now have a cute dog like him!

Later he named the dog Thor! The dog now has a safe and loving family! He has a loving and caring home!

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