The cat appeared at the threshold of the cafe and began to frantically meow and scratch the windows. She called people to go to the forest, to the box …

It happened on an ordinary, everyday, winter day. The cafe was crowded with visitors and they all saw a cat that suddenly appeared outside the window. She began to scratch the glass and meowed frantically.

People went outside to understand what was going on. The cat looked attentively into the eyes of people and seemed to want to say something. The cafe workers wanted to kick her out, but the young couple forbade to do so.

They took the purr in their arms, but she broke free, ran and stopped sharply, as if calling to follow her. The guy and the girl followed her, and the cat followed into the nearest forest and constantly looked back, checking if people were coming.

There was a heavy snowfall, but this did not stop the couple. They were already following the cat. It turned out that it was not in vain. And so she led the guy and the girl to the box, which was moving slightly. The couple noticed that the box was sealed and it was impossible to get out of there, but someone was there.

Opening the box, they saw little kittens inside, and the cat immediately jumped up to them and began to feed. The guy and the girl took the box with the cat family home and saved the mother and kittens.

It is very good that everything in this story ended well, and cruel people who were able to leave kittens in a box in a helpless state will definitely be «rewarded» in this life.

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