The cat decided to take a dip in the bath of his his coat has become unusual

It is generally accepted that cats are afraid of water, but there are exceptions, such as Salem.

Amanda, the owner of the cat, decided to take a bath with an unusual addition.A bomb, which gave the water a pleasant minty aroma and made it shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, and at the same time shine. The glitter bomb really gave the water an unusual look, so it was in demand even though the glitter was washed out of the hair with great difficulty after taking a bath.

Amanda decided to treat herself to a beautiful bath. The girl turned on the water, threw a bomb and went out for a while. Salem, as always, watched the filling of the bathroom sitting on the washing machine.

The minty smell from the bath attracted the attention of the cat or he liked the iridescent stains on the water is unknown, but when the girl returned, Salem was already taking a fragrant bath.

The cat clearly liked the bath procedure.He walked in the bathroom, showing off his fur, which shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow, and in addition was abundantly covered with sparkles.

The cat had no idea how much torment he would have to endure in order to get rid of such a bright decor.

Amanda tried to wash the sparkles out of Salem’s wool, but they sat firmly on the thick wool and didn’t want to succumb to the girl’s efforts. The cat had to endure several baths in a row, but the results of each and them were insignificant.

Despite his love of water, Salem did not like the number of bath procedures in a row, each time the cat tried more and more to get out of the bathroom and even scratched the hostess in order to achieve results.

When she couldn’t get rid of the glitter, Amanda decided to leave the cat alone. After a while, the sparkles began to fall off on their own, however, now they remain wherever the cat is.

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