The cat dragged home mice and lizards for the owner, but he refused her gifts

The fact that the cat is the owner of the house, and not the other way round, is no longer surprising. Mustaches have an incredibly rebellious and interesting disposition, which each time can manifest in different ways.

Often they adore their owners so much that they try to please them in every possible way, bringing them some rather unexpected “gifts” and not understanding why they are rejected.

That’s what happened to Ben. The guy woke up and found on the pillow the strangest pets in the form of lizards, mice or birds, these were the walks of his cat Baloo.

The gifts were original, but, to the surprise of the cat, did not delight the owner. But in order to please the pet, the young man began to play with the leaf, which the cat also brought home. After that, the direction of the gifts changed for the cat, and after a walk he brings the owner the most beautiful, in his look, leaves.

Ben was delighted that he had finally found a way to stop the cat from carrying any living creatures home, and the cat came to terms with his master’s addictions and shows his love by collecting fallen leaves for him.


By the way, Balu was given to Ben by a girl, and at first he was not happy with such a gift and insisted that the cat be returned. But, just a day later, he changed his mind. And when he broke up with his girlfriend, in no case was he going to return his favorite.

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